Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons


Ability Levels

Beginer to Advanced


Rock, Blues, Funk, Metal, arranging for solo guitar etc.


Songwriting, Ear-trainning, Performance, Recording

Teaching Ethics


David's teaching ethics is that each pupil is an individual and will be taught accordingly. He is a strong believer in teaching to promote confidence and abilities. Passing this philosophy onto his pupils is a fundamental aspect of his teaching. Once you fall in love with an instrument, the other attributes such as technique and theory all fall into place naturally! Not only can learning a musical instrument or vocal tuition help develop various mental skills, it can also help with other areas of learning and development, as well as increase confidence.

“David's guitar lessons are first class, he's taught me so much since I started with him last year, I walked into his lesson clueless, I can now play over 10 songs, I'm using barre chords, scales & even making my own stuff.. He has an abundance of patience & knowledge, & has a great way of explaining things & making It easy to understand...”

— Johnny - Private Lessons